We are among those trusted hard surface cleaning service providers in the Fayetteville NC, and have been handling both commercial and residential cleaning for more than ten years. Although we're famous for our rug cleaning solutions, we're also experts in regards to restoring and cleaning hard surfaces like tile floors, hardwood surfaces, natural stone walls and floors, and a whole lot more.

Why utilize our specialist hard surface cleaning solutions. It can be tempting to wash out the tough surfaces enclosing your company by yourself, but this will just yield temporary results. With time, the surfaces collect grime and other kinds of dirt which regular cleaning will never do away with. And because you don't have the perfect equipment for combating such types of dirt, they may collect, and contribute to their presence on your floors, rendering them unhealthy for your clients.

But with professional hard surface cleaning solutions, you also have the confidence which the surfaces will be professionally cleaned to make sure they stay in amazing condition. With our solutions, you will access the following:

Hardwood floor cleaning -- we provide routine hardwood floor cleaning and periodic resealing to reduce the effects of the tear, wear and other threats they face with regular use. We also offer floor stripping and removal services.

Stone flooring, tile and grout cleaning -- tile and stone flooring are amazingly durable, but they require routine care and maintenance so that they can maintain looking great. We offer just the perfect hard surface cleaning solutions for these kinds of flooring.

Countertop cleaning -- whether it is in your routine kitchen or for business establishments like schools or resorts, they should stay impeccable for both aesthetic and health factors. KBS Maintenance includes all it takes to make them seem and stay great at all times.

Tile and grout upkeep

We're also experts when it comes to grout and tile maintenance. We realize how disgusting unsightly grease, dirt, and stains may create your floors look, and together with our solutions, you will no longer have to put up with any of that.

R&K Carpet Cleaning commercial flooring cleaning will ensure that your hard surface flooring create a solid first impression for every single man who walks through your doorsfrom prospective clients to workers. Your floors speak to the quality of your products and services. They need to be impeccable.

Since your flooring live a tough life, they can look old and dull in the topic of a couple days--especially in high traffic areas. Carpeting can hide a multitude of defects for some time; however, your vinyl, concrete, ceramic, or stone flooring must remain flawlessly shiny. Every day.

With R&K Carpet Cleaning, your hard surface floors will look exquisite, assisting your small business look polished and professional in any respect times.

Our long-time connections with local and national floor care suppliers enables us to this post expertly deal with the potential problems presented by older failed flooring, and also to properly handle the industry's newest new flooring solutions.

R&K Carpet Cleaning commercial floor cleaning specialists are trained and experienced in analyzing and determining the right means to wash each form of flooring at where you are. We utilize specialized hard surface flooring care systems to create spectacular results for each floor. Our top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and environment-friendly flooring cleaning products guarantee that your hard surface flooring regain and maintain their perfect glow, without risk to people or merchandise. Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Service Chandler

To prevent costly downtime, we can help you figure out how often your hard timber floors should be cleaned, based on their makeup and how much traffic they get, then set up a service strategy for your particular type of flooring.

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